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Green outdoor activities has many benefits…more than you may think.

First of all, every time you act environmentally consciously, you take advantage of the opportunities that nature already provides you.

This way you make a small contribution to the well-being of our planet.

Travel is always a good idea
Travel is always a good idea. // © Glen Jackson

There are many outdoor activities, or green sports, which help to build inherent mind and body strength without harming the world around you. It can be anything from simply planting a swamp white oak in your backyard to going for a long hike in Yosemite with your family.

Furthermore, planning and enjoying outdoor activities can foster your connection with the natural world. So, start taking care of the environment today, and inspire others by your example to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. A legacy worth recalling.

Start taking care of the environment today, and leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. A legacy worth recalling.

Eco-friendly Living

Before you hop on and take a look at our list of outside activities, let us go through the essential green rules you need to keep in mind:

  • Opt for sustainable and reusable items instead of one-use. Think of ceramic, stainless steel, glass containers, and plates. You will save some money, and it’s good for the planet.
  • Stop wasting water. Also, avoid washing your dishes and other items with soap or chemicals in natural bodies of water. This is extremely harmful to both the environment and the local fauna.
  • Minimize your waste. Adopt “leave no trace” policy as a decree when hiking. Always pick up your trash. If the place you’re going doesn’t have special recycling containers, consider taking your waste with you for proper disposal. Otherwise, the local wildlife might end up eating your garbage!
  • Use sustainable forms of transportation whenever you can. Setting a carpool is always a good idea! In the same way, public transportation is a great alternative and can save the Earth from noxious emissions.

Now that you’ve taken note on some  bits of advice, it is time to read some of our ideas on the best eco-friendly outdoor activities you can try right now!

1. Give life to a new tree

Now is the best time to plant a tree
Now is the best time to plant a tree. // © Todd Quackenbush

Planting a tree might sound like a cliché activity. But it’s an original way to spend a day while taking care of our planet at the same time.

Planting a tree, you plant a hope.

This is a lifelong investment! A tree will not only make any space more attractive but will purify the air around for years to come. Everything you have to do is find the perfect match for your yard.

2. Have a picnic

Either you are going to go for a romantic picnic by the Lake Tahoe with your significant other or throw a backyard party with your family…There can be so much fun here!

Do more of what makes you happy
Do more of what makes you happy. // © Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Preparing food together, making a fire, playing with the ball, blowing bubbles, collecting leaves, and making daisy chains. These are just a few of the things you can devote your time to. When you want to relax, simply sit on the grass and start speaking the words of life.

In the case you’re going to a park, beach or another place, make sure you bring reusable utensils and containers to minimize waste. As a suggestion, try packing lots of fresh, organic fruits and veggies into the menu for a healthy and delicious meal!

3. Go camping

We believe you’re familiar with the feeling of being tired of everything. Times when you just need to get out into nature, far away from the modern world. Escape to places where you could break free from any haste. Only you and your family, or friends. No one else.

Once you have a desire, preparation becomes easy. First, choose your campsite and determine how you’ll get there. Ensure you have a good quality tent and all of the necessities. Eventually, practice setting up a camp, and plan out your meals.

Once you have a desire, preparation becomes easy.

Like with a picnic, you can set up a tent or build a whole camp in your backyard. If you’re in for a casual adventure, check out your local campground’s rules or take a trip to the nearest woods. However, don’t forget to properly plan beforehand, and remember to keep a green, eco-friendly attitude.

4. Look up at the stars

Do you know what happiness really is? This is not something you can get, or earn. It’s a way of life. The ability to enjoy every little moment.

Enjoy every little moment of your life
Enjoy every little moment of your life. // © Vincentiu Solomon

Happiness is like lying on the grass and looking at the clouds floating by. No major work required than just grabbing your friends, family or loved one and finding a comfortable spot to lie down.

5. Do some gardening

Think about it, when was the last time you grew anything in your backyard? Gardening is a fun and simple activity everybody can get into. And, yes, it’s good for your health!

Gardening is good for your health.

You can plant whatever you want: tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, pepper, or lettuce. Even some bee-friendly wildflowers to help feed your local bees and pollinators! If flowers are not your thing, think about getting an edibles garden!

Garden as though you'll live forever
Garden as though you’ll live forever. // © Joshua Ness

However, avoid pesticides and herbicides that are an important contributing factor in the recent bee colony collapse. Pull out the weeds as a substitute for chemical herbicides, or try non-toxic approaches for pest control. Before you realize it, you will have more vegetables, fruits and other foods that you ever actually needed!

6. Take a walk

Despite being plain at first sight, walking actually has tons of benefits. As an exercise of moderate intensity, it naturally improves your mood and overall health.

Happiness is the ability to enjoy every little moment of your life.

Whether you would like to opt for a daily hour walks or prefer something longer like hiking and climbing, you are good to go. As a newbie, you can start from a 30-minute stroll in the local park. However, when you’ll gain enough experience and strength, you could build it up to a full day hike in the woods.

Interestingly, many studies have found that this type of activity reduces the levels of stress, helps to fight depression and to lose weight. So, if you’re craving for some fresh air and a change of pace, a walk outside will improve your life significantly.

7. Participate in a community cleanup

Nothing is greener than a community cleanup. Volunteering to pick up trash helps keep public spaces nice and clean. For example, many cities and towns organize coastline or woodland cleanups. Go grab some fresh air while doing something good for the environment!

Spread love for the world
Spread love for the world. // © Tyler Nix

But what happens if there is no cleanup in your area? No problem! Take some friends or family and adopt a park or street near your area and clean up some litter on your own. Not only is a great way to know people better, but you’re also exercising your muscles and helping the planet! Just remember to bring sturdy gloves and a bag for collecting garbage.

8. Plan a treasure hunt

There are so many possibilities for planning an interesting treasure hunt. Doesn’t matter what you’ll hide as a prize for the chasers of fortune. It only depends on your imagination. 

You'll never forget these days
You’ll never forget these days… // © Kalen Emsley

And, yes, this game has no age limits. You can play either with your mates or loved ones. From start to the end, through the hours of fun and joy, this activity creates lots of fond memories that you’ll definitely remember for a long time.

Treasure hunting creates lots of fond memories that you’ll definitely remember for a long time.

After all, who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Nature itself is always full of various treasures. You may even go on a photography treasure hunt, and take pictures of all the flowers and trees in bloom in your neighborhood or local woods. Let yourself see if you can find something truly unique together or not.

9. Care for birds around

How good is it to wake up in the morning, go out to your backyard, and greet the dawn to the music of finches and sparrows. However, lately, you started to notice that you hear these pleasing songs less and less. How can we prevent this?

Nothing is more beautiful than the sounds of nature.

To attract more birds you will need to build a nest box, or birdhouse, and provide them with food using a feeder. Whatever you choose to make, both Pinterest and YouTube are full of ideas and tutorials along these lines.

Use recycled materials if possible for your DIY bird-feeder or house, and pass the time in a unique way. You will not only help different species to survive but will improve the overall well-being of our planet.

10. Go fishing

Not far from camping, it provides you the opportunity to get away from people, crowds, and the noise of the city. Every green angler understands that fish, like all animals, play an important role in our eco-system. That’s why you must pay enough attention to a recreational fishing trip.

You don't go fishing only because of fish
You don’t go fishing only because of fish… // © Kal Loftus

Preserve the integrity of the aquatic habitats you will be visiting. Educate yourself and choose a good fishing gear that prepares you for the accidental catch of endangered species. So, you will know how to return them to their natural habitat without harming them.

Besides, fishing is a total body workout.

Besides, fishing is a total body workout. Arms, back, shoulders, core, and legs. All these muscles are involved when you are reeling in a nice trout. And, staying close to the water in the natural environment, you release yourself from a daily stress and let your mind recharge.

11. Ride a bike

With the increasing prominence of cycling and its ecological benefits, why not check out local cycle tracks?

This one is a simple, yet highly enjoyable way to get fit and improve your financial health. Both at the same time!

Cycling is an astonishing way to explore the world on a budget
Cycling is an astonishing way to explore the world on a budget. // © David Marcu

Using a bike, you save money on gas and help to reduce emissions of air pollutants. This makes an impeccable contribution to the general welfare of our planet.

Many people find the activity to be an excellent form of stress relief. It provides a peaceful escape from your daily routine and also saves you time in the morning commute… 

Using a bike, you save money on gas.

Think about how often you are late for work because of traffic jams. Don’t you want to take advantage of the size of your bicycle, and just go around them?

12. Go to a botanical garden or farm

Have no desire to go someplace far from your home? Devote your time to an incredibly unique form of entertainment that allows you to make virtual trips around the world. Go to a botanical garden!

Feel yourself in a fairytale
Feel yourself in a fairytale. // © Derek Story

You can take pretty much pleasure while strolling around the extensive greenery collection. Plunge into the fairy world. Find yourself on the other side of the planet without even leaving your city.

Find yourself on the other side of the planet without even leaving your city.

It is also a creative way to learn about the origin of plants and the evolution of nature! Walking in the places like these consume no energy and provides a great opportunity to spend time in the open-air.

13. Organize a backyard tournament

If you’re not a fan of traditional game nights, make a spin in a traditional activity and move the whole thing outside. Organize a whole tournament.

Enjoy the game
Enjoy the game. // © Joseph Pearson

There are lots of games to play. Sack racing, egg-and-spoon racing, kick the can, water balloon toss, and so on. Opportunities are countless.

Go unplugged just for the day.

Invite your friends and family over. Go unplugged just for the day. Merely for the sake of deepening the connection with each other and having fun.

14. Search for wildflowers

How much do you know about the vegetation that surrounds you? Find spare time and go out of the city. Explore neighboring meadows, hillsides, woods, paddocks.

You start by looking for flowers, but in the end
You start by looking for flowers, but in the end… // © Everton Vila

Gather as many different wildflowers as you can. If you have a wild plants book (or like many of us you keep an electronic version on your phone), try to identify and classify them. Even a sketchbook can help!

Find as many wildflowers as you can.

Truth be told, learning more about the native plants in your area can be an enriching experience. Alternatively, bring a camera and take pictures of all the different varieties you come across to create a flower album.

15. Catch some waves

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word sunshine? Isn’t it a beach? These soothing golden sands stretching along the coast. Light sea breeze. Wonderful crystal clear water with its waves crashing onto the shore.

Catch a wave... or not
Catch a wave… or not. // © Johny Goerend

You only need to lie down on a towel and relax. Take time for yourself. Forget all the cares. Just listen to the calming sounds.

Meanwhile, there are charming opportunities for people who embrace sports. If you are one of them, you have two choices. Swimming, and surfing.

Take time for yourself.

A swim is always a simple way to enjoy your day. You control how difficult and intense it will be. Speaking of surfing, you will have to go through some preparation steps before trying to catch a single wave.

16. Start an art project

Be creative. Reuse objects from nature! You can actually create a true masterpiece by pressing some flowers, leaves, and herbs together.

Unleash your creativity.

If you have no idea what to do, the almighty internet always will help you. Take your sketchbook or your painting materials outside, and make a beautiful drawing or illustration inspired by your favorite nature retreat.

Please, remember. No matter what piece of art you decide to create, make sure to use eco-friendly materials at all times.

17. Go birdwatching

You don’t have to be an expert on birds to enjoy birdwatching. You can actually start by learning about the many exciting varieties of birds that live right in your backyard. Once you’ve made your birdfeeder, the next logical step is to embark in the exciting world of this activity.

The world will never cease to amaze
The world will never cease to amaze. // © Andrea Reiman

Also, if you like to go hiking, you can always keep your eyes pointed upwards to the sky or the top of the trees in order to identify various species. As always, observe the wildlife from a distance, and make sure not disrupt their habitat.

In conclusion

Outdoor eco-friendly activities are developed especially to create a balance between human and nature. Pick one, pick a few or try them all. Whatever activity you choose to do, they’re all green and affordable!

17 Green Outdoor Activities You Can Try Right Now
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As you can see, with a bit of effort you can while away a few fun, sustainable hours in the open-air. Also, you’re doing the environment a big favor by going green. It doesn’t take much effort, and it’s totally worth it. Nature is calling and now is your chance to make the most out of it without harming the planet!

Do you have another interesting eco-friendly outdoor activity you’d like to share with us? Or, maybe, you’re aspired to share a story about the time you tried some of the ideas depicted on this list?

Leave us a comment down below with your opinions or suggestions!

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