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What we really want is to be hassle-free
While traveling, what we really wants is to be hassle-free with our outfit.

Let’s face it, travel outfits that are equally stylish and comfortable are hard to come by. Smart, easy-to-care, and most importantly, versatile enough so you can reuse them throughout your trip.

However, traveling doesn’t need to be all about trekking bags and cargo boots. You can actually look amazing while being comfortable. All it takes is a little planning, and some creativityalong the way.

If you like to dress stylishly while traveling and would like to maintain a diverse wardrobe for your next journey, take a step out of the ordinary and read on our list of 17 style essentials for all of those girls who love a good escapade:

1. Have the basics

Yes, looking nice on your day of travel is important. Nonetheless, before you begin packing, here is the most basic and stylish traveling outfit we can think of. Take some notes, and adjust your luggage accordingly:

  • A simple, comfy yet cute T-shirt: Go for the softest, organic, well-made and loose-fitting tee you can find. Comfort always goes first.
  • A jacket or cardigan: You can never go wrong with neutral and pastel colors. Also, jackets and cardigans will shield you from the temperature roller-coaster that is typical in travel. Pro tip: always keep an oversized cardigan with you.
  • Fitted pants with stretch: Honestly, elastane-blend stretch denim pants are a nice choice. Old school jeans are too tight and yoga pants might look lazy.
  • Comfortable and stylish shoes: Go for some smart sneakers or flats. Don’t go crazy when it comes to high heels. Most of the times you’ll be walking around long distances, and extra-tall pumps and knife-like stilettos will get you blisters in no time.
  • One signature accessory: a cute hat and other details make all the difference, or add a long necklace. However, ditch the accessories if you’re going through airport security. Avoid wearing anything metal and you’re good to go.

The secret to picking perfect travel outfits is balancing comfort and style.

2. Carefully pick your clothing pieces

Pack stuff you actually are going to use. Picture yourself at your next destination wearing your chosen garments. How many times will you be wearing it during your trip? If you’ll do it only once, you’re just wasting spaceTraveling light should always be the standard.

Traveling light should always be the standard.

3. Choose a color scheme

Create your own palette
Create your very own palette. // © Jose Antonio Jiménez Macías

If you don’t know what to pack, just find a few outfits with the colors you’d love to wear. Make sure they match with each other so you can create a variety of combinations for every day. You can create your very own traveling color scheme using color wheels.

4. Stick to comfortable clothing

As a rule of thumb, pack clothing and shoes you’ve already road-tested. Keep it clean and simple and you will be compensated with flexible and stylish travel.

Be smart with your outfit
Sometimes, it may actually be worth spending a little bit of extra effort just to get the right clothes.

5. Go for natural fibers

Stick to natural materials like cotton, bamboo, and linen. Unlike some synthetic materials like polyester, natural fibers are perfect for warmer climates and long days and also work wonderfully in colder areas.

Natural fibers breathe much better than synthetic ones, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Similarly, natural fibers breathe and are easy to clean and maintain. As a bonus, if your clothing is truly made of organic fabrics, you protect not just the world around you but your health, too.

6. Pick shoes that are appropriate for walking

You’ll be spending more time on your feet than you usually would. However, comfort doesn’t necessarily mean getting ugly shoes. In fact, there are many practical options available now that are appropriate for both walking and looking trendy at the same time; you don’t want your shoes to be too restricting

Say no to high heels
Say no to high heels when you travel. // © Andrew Tanglao

As a suggestion, go for sneakers that you can dress up or down. Choose the ones with a solid color. These shoes will not only add versatility to your outfits for the duration of your trip, but they are also extremely easy to walk in!

Add versatility to your wardrobe!

Also, look for a pair you can easily take on and off, while in transit. You will thanks us later since many airports require you to actually take your shoes off.

7. Your underwear is important too

When we pack for a travel not many of us pay attention to our underwear. Yet, the last thing we want to be dealing with during a day of sightseeing is uncomfortable underwire. Tank bras and seamless undies are both comfy and easy to fold.

8. Consider your surroundings

Are you going to trek the Everest, or travel down to Patagonia? Maybe you decided to embark on the great adventure of traversing glaciers in Antarctica? Then, wearing “adventure clothing” is mostly unnecessary. Really. Just study your travel destinationand pack consequently.

Don’t overthink it, just do it. If you’re in a city, dress for the city. If you’re at the beach, dress for the beach, as simple as that.

9. Be culturally sensitive

Investigate the place where you’re traveling to and try blending in with the locals. Being respectful of the resident customs is very important, especially if you plan on visiting temples and churches.

Travel is a great way to learn more about life
Travel is a great way to learn more about life // © Jérémie Crémer

Sometimes this means covering up a little bit. So, it’s necessary to research beforehand to avoid uncomfortable situations.

10. Don’t forget to bring a bag

Believe it or not, handbags are another integral element of travel wear, because most of the times you will end up carrying more than you usually would day-to-day.

Handbags are integral element of your travel wear.

A trekking bag can be too large or noticeable for the simple task of traversing a city. Simple tote or daypack can make the difference. You have to put your cameras, notebooks, sun cream, and personal documents somewhere, don’t you?

Keep it simple
Keep it simple.

Taking all these things into consideration, we can conclude that your bag needs to be big enough to hold all your travel essentials. Make sure you get one that’s easy to secure, too — it should zip up and have thick and sturdy straps.

11. Hats are your friends

Hats are a tricky thing. They can be difficult to pull off, especially while traveling. Still, hats are often a necessity for travelers given how much time they spend outdoors, and for good reason.

Your style is not complete without a great hat.

As a way to protect the face from the sun damage, go for a hat that provides enough coverage and looks great with different clothing styles.

12. Minimize your makeup

True beauty is wearing no makeup // © Pietra Schwarzler

Your eyeliner might not look as good after hours of trying to sleep in your seat, or after walking for hours under the sun. Likewise, a heavy foundation will undoubtedly clog up your skin. Stick to a light layer, like a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, and a soft-colored lip balm.

13. Choose quality over quantity

Invest in clothes that are built to last. Travelling can take a toll on our clothes and it’s better to only pack clothes we know for sure are not going to get tattered as soon as we arrive at our destination.

Invest in clothes that are built to last.

14. Layers and more layers

When traveling, layers are imperative. Different from a pullover hoodie, a zip-up sweater is more temperature-flexible as you can zip it up for added warmth or just zip it down when the temperature rises.

Dress in layers
Dress in layers when you dress for the cold.

Also, when traveling from one temperature to another, anorakjackets and cardigans will be really convenient as transitional pieces as the weather changes. That being said, bring layers that you can easily take on and off to adjust.

15. Yoga pants are good to go for airplane traveling

No one can deny that clothes for exercising are extremely comfortable. However, as you’ve already noticed, they’re also becoming more stylish. Incredibly easy to wear, given how good they adapt to our bodies…It’s an excellent choice for a long-haul flight! What’s more, you can fold them easily and fit into practically any bag.

Take advantage of the infamous trend and indulge the world’s most relaxed clothes you’ll ever wear while in travel.

16. Dresses: yay or nay?

Dresses are vital clothing items when you’re in the need for a breezy outfit. Just make sure the one you pick is not too tight or too short.

© Tamara Bellis

We have to admit that skirts can be a pain to have to keep on adjusting them while you’re seated, so go with a flowy dress instead.

17. Leave these rompers at home

Or save them for when you’re actually at the beachRompers can be uncomfortable when you’re trying to maneuver in and out of it inside a small airplane bathroom or at a public restroom during a stopover.

To wrap this up

Whether you’re flying from one country to another or exploring a new city, the most important thing you can actually do is to wear clothes you can move freely in.

Wear clothes you can move freely in
Wear clothes you can move freely in. // © Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

There’s nothing worse than looking chic but being incredibly sore in fashionable clothes or shoes. You have to admit you do want to look cute in those outfits, or in the end, you won’t post on Instagram the myriad of pics you took while on your trip.

17 Style Essentials Every Woman Should Know to Travel in Comfort and Look Best

So, what is YOUR travel style hacks? Share with us in the comments below!

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